3 Real-life Examples of Job Descriptions That Stand Out

When done right, job descriptions do more than just communicate an opening at your company. They attract the right candidates to apply, position your company as a great place to work, and ultimately help you recruit talent more efficiently.

To help you write powerful job descriptions, here are three killer examples from small to mid-sized companies. Take a look at each one, see what makes them great, and get inspiration for your future job descriptions.

Gaming startup keeps it conversational and mobile friendly
Parisian gaming company, Pretty Simple, has to hire creative artists and designers. When they write job descriptions, they make sure that their style appeals to their target audience. They keep it conversational, light-hearted, and highlight the company culture.

job description
In this job description, Pretty Simple uses casual copy to grab and keep the reader’s attention. From phrases like, “Who says building a career can’t be fun?” and “Read on!”, the recruiters write with excitement that also reflect the company atmosphere. The hiring team also knows that their mobile-focused audience will likely see this on the go, so they keep the length as short as possible.

What else do we love about this job description?

Easy to read format – The recruiter uses bullet points, short sentences and white space to make this job description easy to read. It clearly communicates duties and what a successful candidate looks like, without pouring on the copy. They even separate nice-to-have qualities with a “Pluses” section.
Spotlight on core values – This is *hands-down* the best two sentences in the entire job description: “But we’re not just invested in games; we’re also invested in people. We know that our overall success is a combined effort, and we therefore strive to provide opportunities for our employees to learn, grow and thrive.” Candidates want to know that the company will invest in them, and give them opportunities to make an impact. This statement not only reinforces that working at a gaming company is fun, but also assures that new hires will be challenged and will grow their skillsets.
Mobile-first mindset – The Pretty Simple recruiting team knows the audience they are trying to reach, so this short and nicely formatted job description is optimized for mobile. You can read the entire post in two scrolls!
Wrike adds attention-grabbing video overviews to each job description
Wrike, a fast-growing project management software company with 300 employees, includes a one minute video with every job description on their website. They’ve used this approach over the past two years, and have inspired quality candidate to apply. “Even to this day, recruiters get three emails a week that reference the job description video,” says Spencer Mellon, Talent Acquisition Program Manager at Wrike.

In the video, the hiring manager introduces himself, highlights the position’s importance in the company, and explains who the candidate will be working with. There are a myriad of skills and experiences required for the job, but the he focuses on the soft skills and top requirements, which makes it easy for candidates to determine if they’re qualified.

What else do we love about this job description?

Short and sweet – The delightful video makes the text-heavy job post more engaging. It’s long enough to add more color to the description without boring the viewer. It’s also short enough to capture their attention and make them want to know more.
Personalization – The hiring manager brings a personal touch to the job description. It helps the candidate watching the video visualize this person as their future boss. In this example, the Chief Revenue Officer is the hiring manager, which gives a candidate exposure to an exec. The CRO speaking to this opp is also a testament to his investment in the hiring process and the person they hire.
Simple format that scales – The format is so simple and easy to do, that anyone in the office can point, shoot, edit and post. There’s no need to hire an outside video company, making it budget-friendly for small businesses.
The Siegfried Group leads with what’s in it for the candidates
National CPA firm The Siegfried Group needs to hire more accounting and finance professionals to serve their high profile clients. With 350 employees across 18 offices, they need to search far and wide for quality candidates. While this job description is more on the lengthy side, the white space formatting and benefit-first messaging makes it easier on the eyes.

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